Gentlemen's Poker Club Bucharest

At the end of the summer, 3 big names in the poker and gambling market decided to give everyone the chance/possibility to experience the game of poker in the most pleasant and safe place in the city.

Gentlemen's Poker Club

ACE - Alex Crețu Events

ACE (Alex Crețu Events) came to the project with over 14 years of experience in organizing national and international poker games and festivals, all done under the coordination of impeccable management, where the way you treat people and the quality of tournaments or cash sessions recommend


THOR brought to the project elegance and super experience in everything that means fun gambling games.

Gentlemen's Poker Club

Gentlemen's Poker Club Timișoara

Gentlemen's Poker Club Timișoara contributed with experience and passion for the game of poker, being also the first licensed club in Romania.