Mystery BOUNTY can bring you more than 15,000 lei in one fire !

On Friday, 04 November, starting at 18:30 at the Gentlemen’s Poker Club, Mystery Bounty is being played.

A Mystery Bounty tournament has two phases

– Phase One: No reward is awarded for elimination.

– Second phase: the rewards are distributed in envelopes, all placed in an urn. Prizes are revealed at the draw and awarded to the winner when they draw one or more envelopes from the box.

– If more than one player wins a pot where another is eliminated from the tournament, the Mystery Bounty will be split accordingly.

* MYSTERY Bounty is active when ITM is done, in the second phase of the tournament.

At Gentlemen’s Poker Club “Mistery Bounty” has a guaranteed prize pool of 100,000 lei. Practically, from a buy-in of 660 lei, 300 lei will go to the prize fund, 300 to the Bounty fund, and 60 lei are rake.

For this tournament the Mystery Bounty prize pool of 100,000 will be distributed as follows:

50,000 lei in 26 envelopes with amounts between 600 lei minimum and 15,000 lei, the value of the largest envelope.

They will be awarded as Mystery Bounties:

1 envelope of 15,000 lei

1 envelope of 6,000 lei

2 envelopes of 3,300 lei

4 envelopes of 2000 lei

6 envelopes of 1200 lei

12 envelopes of 600 lei

50,000 lei in the form of prizes.

Full details and information on in the tournaments section.

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