Over 100,000 Lei in prizes every HOUR at the CASH GAMES tables

CASH game lovers have every reason to play starting November 1st in the newest and most modern poker club in the capital located right in the center, in the Unirii area, in the premises of the COCOR store, on Bulevardul I.C. Brătianu, no. 29-33.

Whether you prefer to play NO LIMIT HOLDEM or POT LIMIT OMAHA, you are a recreational, professional or beginner player, at Gentlemen’s Poker Club Bucharest variety is a strong point.

The stakes start from 1/3 Lei and 100 Lei Buy-In in the case of Texas Holdem No Limit, respectively 2/2 Lei also with a minimum Buy-In of 100 Lei for Omaha Pot Limit.

In terms of promotions for CASH games, we could say that it is “raining” with money.

4 promotions run every day

WELCOME DRAW where you get 50 lei if you draw the WINNING BALL and join the CASH GAMES tables with a minimum Buy In of 200 lei between 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.

Twice a day you have LUCKY ACE.

– At 23:00 – Win 1000 Lei for 2 Aces drawn from the pack, 500 Lei for an Ace, 250 Lei are guaranteed.

– At 03:00 a.m. Win 2,000 Lei for 2 Aces drawn from the deck, 1,000 Lei for an Ace, 500 Lei are guaranteed.

5 times a day HAPPY HOUR means 200 Lei awarded for the best hand.

SPLASH POT happens 6 times a day and brings a table 100 Lei in the pot before the start of the hand.

* If you are still not convinced that you have every reason to play at Gentlemen’s Poker Club Bucharest, come and see for yourself!

* The club’s operating schedule is NON-STOP

Gentlemen's Poker Club


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