SUPER HAPPY HOUR 10.000 Lei – 01 Noiembrie

SUPER HAPPY HOUR worth 10,000 lei on November 1 & many reasons to play the slots in the Gentlemen's Poker Club Bucharest

In November, those who want to try their luck at slots in a sensational atmosphere have every reason to come to the club.

The organizers have prepared prizes of over 150,000 lei!

On November 1, at the grand opening, THOR - Gaming Hall prepared a Super Happy Hour of 10,000 Lei between 20:00 and 00:00.

After opening, players are greeted daily with the following:

- Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday - Happy Hour of 2,000 Lei between 16:00-18:00.
- Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday - Happy Hour of 3,000 Lei between 22:00 and 00:00.

The surprises don't stop here!

In addition to the Happy Hour, the organizers come up with the following Jackpots that are randomly awarded when certain amounts shown on the screens are reached:

- Jackpot Thor: 30,000 Lei; 5,000 lei; 1,000 lei; 500 lei
- Jackpot Premium Link: 20,000 Lei; 6,000 lei; 700 lei
- Jackpot Cash Connection: 30,000 Lei

It will be crazy in the premises of the newest club in the capital. The sound of winnings will be heard all day long.

Gentlemen's Poker Club


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