The floor must take into account fairness as  main priority when taking decisions. Unusual circumstances may occasionally, in the interest of the fairness of the game, dictate decisions over the technical rules. The Floor’s decision is final.


(*cap = maximum)

ALLWAYS 5% – (blinds 1/3, 2/2 PLO și 2/5 – *cap 20lei) (blinds 5/5, 5/10 and higher– *cap 30lei)

2-4 jucători – *cap 10lei (15lei)

5-9 jucători – *cap normal 20lei (30lei)


If players are playing with one board and splitting the pot,rake is still 5% with cap 10, but only from dead money. Players  CAN´T be losing in the hand.

 Example 1: Pot is 504€ and dead money is 4 (that means,both players put inside the pot 250 and 4 are from other players) we take only 4. 

Example 2: pot is 504, dead money 20, we take 10 rake.

By split pot, if  there is one odd chip in the pot, dealer changes the chip to the smallest value possible. However, the smallest value of the chip has to be equal to small blind. If there is still one odd chip, this chip gets the player closest to the button clockwise. (5/5 PLO, pot is 95 after rake, player closest to the button gets 50, second player gets 45. Dealer is not changing the last 5 chip to smaller chips)


Players are dealing twice (or more times) and it´s split pot, we take REGULAR rake, cap 20/30 like it´s not a split. Players can be losing money in this case.

Players can only deal more times only if the pot is 400 minimum.


Players can start the game only at floor’s approval.

In cash game is „last card“ rule. Player is allowed to play his hand if he/she is on the seat before the last card is dealt. If the player is not on the seat with the last card is dealt, his/her hand is dead.

 If the player left the table, but his/her chips are still on the table, dealer is dealing the cards to the seat until this seat is on the BB. Dealer then put MISSED BLIND button to this stack and doesn´t deal to this seat anymore. 

Player CAN´T touch other chips and cards then his/her


If the player is forced by floor (floor closed the table) to move to other table with same limit, he/she can play only with a max buy-in for the new table

Player, who is voluntarily changes table or coming from broken table, has to start by new table with at least min. buy-in.

If the player leaves the table and taking his/her chips out of the table and then coming to the same limit in time shorter then 2 hours, he/she has to play at least the same amount as when player left the table

In case players want to change the game,limit or min. buy-in, floorman must be called to the table and get this information.


Seat change: Player playing by the table has priority to choose on which seat he wants to play over a new player 

If player wants to change a seat, and with this change, he/she is moving away from blinds, he/she is required to pay both blinds.

New player has more options. If he/she wants to play immediately, he/she has to post-in with amount of 1BB, or, if possible, start with straddle or of course on the BB


If the game goes to showdown, first who shows cards is player who made the last agressive action on the river. If all players checked on the river, first who shows cards is player closest to the button, clockwise, and then all other players.

After the last action on the river, dealer announce „showdown“, players are turning their cards over and dealer reads the winning combination with pulling out correct cards on the board

If any player shows their cards even though there is still an action pending, their hand is still “active”, their cards must be face up on the table and the player can continue. It has all the allowed options (check, bet, raise, fold). In this situation, the floor will be called immediately.

To win the pot, the player must show all his cards. This rule will not apply if all players fold and there is only one player with an active hand.

The „ALL IN – CALL – SHOWDOWN“ Showdown is not mandatory

If player overlook last raise and wants to call the bet before: Dealer must ALWAYS call the floorman in this situation and stop the game.

The solutin is: The amount, which player wanted to call, have to stay in the pot and player can either call full amount of last raise or fold his hand. 

Example: Player A bets 60, player B raise to 130, player C puts 60 as a call in front of him. This 60 will stay in pot, player C can decide if he will call 130 or fold. This player can only fold or call. He is not allowed to raise.


If player puts only one chip into the pot without announcing anything, his action is considered as CALL.


If the player is last to act and has the nuts, he MUST NOT bet by cash game!


If one of players in the hand DO NOT AGREE with deal it more times, the hand is played only ONCE for main pot. Players in the side pot are not allowed to make deals, such as „if shortstack loses, we play also twice for main pot“.

 If everyone agree, hand can be dealt more then once.


Only floorman can decide, that table will break, not the dealer or the players!

Inappropriate language is not accepted in any form towards other players or staff members!!!