We want to create the most pleasant and safe meeting place for players, locals and tourists, amateurs and professionals.

Club rules of excellence

* Club players will be in first place;

* Our club caters to both beginner, recreational and professional players who will be treated equally;

* Ladies, gentlemen, young and old will find in the club premises a pleasant and safe way of recreation, socialization and competition.

Rules of conduct in our club

To maintain a pleasant atmosphere in our club, all players will respect the following rules:
– Decent clothing is mandatory (it is not allowed to enter the club with flip-flops, swimming shorts, tank tops, etc.);
– People who are intoxicated and/or under the influence of hallucinogenic substances are not allowed to enter the club;
– Offending, threatening, raising the tone, causing offense to a player/players or club employees is not allowed;
– The behavior of a player/players that leads to the destruction of the property of the club or the staff in the premises
club is prohibited.