Important information

Ladies and Gentlemen Please be informed that based on telephone discussions and calls made/received, we estimate more entrants than available tournament slots for the opening week and Main Event of 500,000

– We have a maximum number of seats available as follows:

On November 1, we have - 198 places
On November 2, we have - 120 places
On November 3, we have - 180 places
On November 4, we have - 180 places
On November 5, we have - 162 places
On November 6, we have - 160 places

- We accept telephone reservations.

In the case of reservations the Stack will be placed on the table and held until the end of level II, at which time the reservation expires.

– The waiting list will have priority over re-entry.

If you leave the tournament and there is a waiting list, you go as the next person on the waiting list (as if at that moment you arrived at the club).

We want everyone to have a chance to play.

– Smoking electronic cigarettes is not allowed at the game tables.

Smoking is allowed in the lounge or bar.

– The POS have not arrived yet, so please come prepared with cash in ron.

Please bring an ID with you.

See you soon!
Thank you!
Gentlemen's Poker Club


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