Super Promotions for Cash in 2023

Super Promotions for Cash in 2023

♥️Bad Beat

Has it ever happened to you to lose with a very good hand, for example full of aces with jacks? We thought of awarding even these hands, even though they are not winning.

❗The prize fund starts from 5100 lei and increases by 300 lei every day at 9 p.m. The supplement will stop when the amount reaches 15,000 lei, or when someone wins the jackpot (in this case, the winnings will restart from 5,100).

If the threshold of 15,000 is reached and no one manages to lose with Bad Beat, at least full of Aces with decks, the lucky hand drops daily at 8:00 as follows: AAA99, AAA88, etc.

❗ Awarding the prize:

50% for the one who loses with the minimum combination of AAA1010, provided he uses both cards in his hand)

30% will be won by the player who leads the hand

20% will be distributed to those present at the table (they participate in the game and do not have a missblind button)

❗Bad Beat winning conditions:

-Only awarded to the Texas Hold’em game

-Both cards must be used in creating the board.

– The pot must be at least 6 lei

-If 2 or more tables are eligible at the same time, the jackpot will be divided equally.

**Players cannot make secret or official agreements to increase their chances of winning the Bad Beat. Any intention of fraud cancels the awarding of the prize. As evidence, the Gentlemen’s Poker Club can check the audio-video recordings with which the gaming table is equipped.

♠️ “Lucky ACE” draw

Held between 01.01.2023-28.02.2023, any player who plays at the cash tables can participate

❗ Players accumulate points and will receive one ticket each, as follows:

*1 ticket – for each hour played at 1/3 NLH or 2/2 PLO stakes

*2 tickets – for each hour played at the 2/5 NLH or 5/5 PLO stakes

*3 tickets – for each hour played at the 5/10 NLH or 10/10 PLO stakes

Tickets for game hours will be awarded at the fixed time. The number of tickets according to the stake is given to any player seated with chips at the table.

*1 ticket – for any tip of at least 5 lei given to the dealer/hostess/cashier/bar/reception (the player will receive one ticket for each tip of 5 lei). For example, if a player tips 20 lei, he will automatically receive 4 tickets.

❗ Daily, there will be 2 draws: one at 23:00 and one at 03:00

❗ Prizes will be awarded as follows:

The tickets will be inserted into the urn prepared by the organizer and a commission made up of 3 representatives of the organizer will draw one winning ticket each.

❗ The draw from 23:00 – guaranteed prize of 250 lei for the lucky winner. The profit of 250 lei can be doubled to 500 lei if the player draws the Ace in one attempt from the deck of cards or even 1000 lei if he draws the Ace once more, in the same way, in one attempt.

❗ The draw from 03:00 – a guaranteed prize of 500 lei for the drawn winner. In the same way, the prize can be doubled to 1000 lei if the Ace is drawn in a single attempt from the deck of cards or even 2000 lei if the Ace is drawn in the same way.

♥️Welcome draw – will take place between 01.01.2023-28.02.2023

❗ Any player who registers at the cash game tables between 16:00-18:00 can participate in this promotion, for a minimum buy-in of 200 lei

❗Each player who meets the above conditions will draw a ball from a specially arranged urn, in which there are 5 balls, of which 4 are winners and only one is not.

❗If the player chooses the winning ball, he will receive 50 lei.

❗These prizes are awarded on the basis of a nominal table, drawn up at the club’s cashier’s office. The table must include the name and surname of the winner, the payment amount and his signature.

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